MyFolio is Kent's online ePortfolio and PDP tool. It is your own online space where you can record your progress at University by creating a profile, uploading content, writing a journal, reflecting on your learning, recording your achievements and making plans for your academic, professional and personal development. You can use Myfolio in the following ways:

Improve your learning
• Use the journal tool to record your thoughts and reflect on your progress
• Create groups to discuss and share ideas with others

Develop your skills
• Complete a skills audit to record your current level of confidence in a range of skills
• Use the Personal Development Planner to focus on your development, reflect on your skills and make plans to use the opportunities available to you.

Showcase your achievements
• Create pages (similar to web pages) detailing in text, audio and visual format to highlight your experiences and skills
• Share your work with others, and publish to the web.

Increase your employability
• Measure your skills against those identified in the University's employability framework
• Collect employability points by participating in the many extracurricular activities offered at Kent
• Construct a dynamic and rich C.V.

You can use this user guide to help you get started straight away.

If you are a member of staff, please visit Kent's PDP website for more information on Personal Development Planning and how to embed it into your curriculum.