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MyFolio is Kent's online ePortfolio and PDP tool. You can use MyFolio to create journals for reflection and pages for presentation and assessment. Each user has a file store of 50mb and you can embed audio and video from other sources like YouTube into your pages. Your tutors will let you know how they plan to use MyFolio, but you can use it yourself however you like.

You can choose the parts of your profile and pages which can be viewed by other MyFolio users, and even make your pages visible on the World Wide Web. Any pages you create can be exported as HTML, so you can use MyFolio to create an online CV which you can share with employers. You will continue to have access to MyFolio for at least one year after graduation, to support you in your progression to employment or further study.

You can use this user guide to help you get started straight away.

If you are a student, you can use the Personal Development Planner to help you to define and explore your goals and map out ways to turn them into reality. It will enable you to articulate the skills you are developing now in order to open up opportunities in the future.  If you are a member of staff, please visit Kent's PDP website for more information on Personal Development Planning and how to embed it into your curriculum.

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