How to submit a Page or Collection for assessment

If one of your taught modules is using MyFolio for assessment, you will have been added to a ‘course group’ for the module, and an extra option will appear under each of your Pages and Collections. It is likely that you will have already been briefed on the requirements for assessment, and any associated deadline. When you are ready to submit your Page or Collection for assessment:

  1. Select the relevant ‘course group’ from the drop down list where it says “Submit this Page (or Collection) to…for assessment” (it may already be selected).
  2. Click the Submit button.

Your Page or Collection will now be locked and you won’t be able to edit it until the teacher releases it back to you. This happens so that your Page or Collection doesn’t change whilst it is being marked. You won’t receive marks via MyFolio for any assessment, however, your teacher may add comments to your Page or Collection as feedback, so make sure you check this when it is returned to you. It's a good idea to write a new journal entry after you've received your feedback, to reflect on the experience and identify ways to improve.