Creating a Group

You can create Groups in MyFolio, with different membership options. Your group can then work together on Pages, or communicate via forums. You may want to create a group for a particular project you’re working on, or for a society or club of which you are a member. To create a group:

  1. Click on the Groups tab in the navigation bar on the Dashboard page. This will list all your current groups, which may include course groups set up by a teacher for assessment.
  2. Click on the Create group button.
  3. Provide a Group name and, optionally, a description. If you’re creating an open membership group then it’s a good idea to write a description so that prospective members understand the purpose of the group.
  4. Choose a Group type:
    • Open membership – Enables any logged in user to join the group.
    • Controlled membership – Group administrators can add users to the group without their consent, and members cannot leave the group.
    • Request membership – Enables any logged in user to request membership to the group, then you, as the group admin, can approve or reject the request.
  5. Choose the most suitable Group category from the drop-down list.
  6. Choose whether every member of the group will receive a notification when a Page is shared to the group, by going through the options in the Shared page notifications drop-down menu. For very large groups it would be best to limit this to non-ordinary members as it can produce a lot of notifications.
  7. Click the Save Group button.

You will then be taken into your Group, which contains several tabs:

  • About – otherwise known as the ‘Group Homepage’, this shows basic information about the group and is visible to all MyFolio users. 
  • Members – depending on the group type, this shows all current and prospective members, and allows you to search for new members.
  • Forums – this initially contains a “General Discussion” forum but the group admin(s) can create other forums. All members of the group can post and reply to messages in the forums. All members are subscribed to these forums by default, so they will receive an email each time someone posts a message. You can unsubscribe from a forum by clicking the “Unsubscribe” button, or change the way you receive notifications by updating your settings (see page 2 of Getting Started with MyFolio).
  • Pages – an area for Pages on which all members can collaborate. Pages can be created from scratch or copied from a member’s portfolio (provided that the page has been shared with the group and allows copying). This also contains the “Group Homepage”, which only group admins can see and edit. As Pages in this context are collaborative, Journal entries can't be added.
  • Collections – an area for sets of pages on which all members can collaborate. Members can create as many collections as they like, but a page cannot appear in more than one collection.
  • Files – Contains all files for the group which are used in Pages and forum posts. This may be subject to a different quota than individual user accounts. Note that copying a Page from or to a member’s portfolio will also copy the associated files.

Please note: MyFolio enables groups to be self-created and self-managed for personal development and to ultimately enable users to represent themselves in a positive way.  However, the purpose and content contained therein is bound by the same guidelines that relate to acceptable use of University systems.